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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Weight loss hypnotherapy has a proven track record and is a safe and healthy alternative to the latest fad diets that many people follow in a desperate attempt to lose weight. Sadly many crash diets, if they have any actual effect, provide only temporary weight loss and can be dangerously unhealthy.

Many people find that dieting makes them unhappy, feel stressed and often end up gaining weight rather than losing it.


Hypnotherapy provides psychological support and permanent results. Weight is lost safely and gradually to leave you feeling healthy and confident.

I have helped many people lose weight through hypnotherapy and have pioneered the Virtual Gastric Band which has produced great results for my clients.


So what can weight loss hypnotherapy do for you?


Hypnosis will help you to stop dieting and begin to lose weight naturally and safely without putting restrictions on what you can and can't do.

It will help you to eat more healthily and make you fitter, slimmer and much more confident in yourself.


Most importantly hypnosis stops cravings or compulsions to make losing weight an easy and natural process.


If you have previously tried to lose weight and failed than you will be amazed at how effective weight loss hypnotherapy can be. If you are determined to lose weight then call Carole Kelly on 56792987/0423740418 for a free telephone consultation and learn how hypnosis can help you lose weight safely and naturally.




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