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Welcome to Gold Coast Gastric Band Hypnosis and Emotional Eating Hypnosis Program!



Are you afraid of always being overweight and


your eating habits controlling you?




The Mind Your Weight Gastric Band Hypnosis and Emotional Eating Hypnosis Program will help you:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Move you forward and leave the past behind
  • Get back in control where food is no longer a diversion
  • Create a healthier mind and healthier body
  • Focus your mind on positive outcomes

Emotional Eating Hypnosis


  • Tired of the endless cycle binge dieting perpetuates?
  • Unsure how to overcome emotional eating and/or uncontrollable cravings?
  • Does it seem impossible to motivate yourself to exercise?


If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, then the Emotional Eating Hypnosis Program may be the solution you’ve been searching for!

If you’ve spent years working hard to lose weight, just to put it right back on again, then you’re already very familiar with how frustrating and demoralising this process can be. It’s a vicious cycle that is detrimental to your self-esteem and takes a massive toll on your motivation to keep going. What Hypnotherapy provides is a proven and effective new way for you to break this cycle once and for all.

Here’s the deal: All diet programs are geared towards your conscious mind and this is where they fall short. Your mind is constantly bogged down with copious amounts of over-analysing, self-doubt and self-imposed limitations. Failures from the past create a negative mindset and attitude that often stops you before you even get started. If you’ve often thought: “I have tried so many diets and programs in the past and they have never worked, so why should this work?”, then you are a victim of this mentality. Hypnosis provides you a non-conscious way to essentially rewire this mindset, so that habitual negative thoughts are banished and you are given the fresh start, that you’ve been craving more than the food, without even knowing it.


Let your mind lose the weight and your body will follow       





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